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I make things that celebrate and interrogate doubt and certainty, language and its failure, people and their politics, agriculture and its subcultures. I blend digital platforms, lens-based tools, print media, sculpture and live events.

I intentionally critique dominant culture power-structures of my own time and place. I perform both for the camera and in live artworks in ways which undermine masculine archetypes. I create experiences and objects that demand more from viewers than passive observation. I often use humor in my work. I enjoy funny turns of phrase, awkward graphics and vernacular wisdom.

I work to combine expressions of metaphor, ritual, power and performance. I play with rural and religious imagery in my artworks. I am genuinely curious about sublime transcendence, hypocritical leadership, quiet magnanimity, aphoristic wisdom and liturgical patterns leads me to make art. I use forms which are connected to linguistic failure, digital marketplaces, rodeo events, homiletic traditions, polemic graphics and social rot. I also make a lot of lists.

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