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I make things that celebrate and interrogate doubt and certainty, language and its failure, people and their politics, agriculture and its subcultures. I blend digital platforms, lens-based tools, print media, sculpture and live events.

I intentionally critique dominant culture power-structures of my own time and place. I perform both for the camera and in live artworks in ways which undermine masculine archetypes. I create experiences and objects that demand more from viewers than passive observation. I often use humor in my work. I enjoy funny turns of phrase, awkward graphics and vernacular wisdom.

I work to combine expressions of metaphor, ritual, power and performance. I play with rural and religious imagery in my artworks. I am genuinely curious about sublime transcendence, hypocritical leadership, quiet magnanimity, aphoristic wisdom and liturgical patterns leads me to make art. I use forms which are connected to linguistic failure, digital marketplaces, rodeo events, homiletic traditions, polemic graphics and social rot. I also make a lot of lists.



In the last few days, I have spent a good amount of time:
raising two young-ish children,
managing Maggie the Mastiff,
husbanding as Amy's partner,
working on Oakstreet Projects,
directing the Lake City Economic Development Authority,
watching videos from the internet,
making some art,
and drinking something fancy.

My creative work has benefited from several awards, which are thoroughly enumerated on my resume. I've made a good deal of art, most of which is not overwhelmingly impressive, but some of it is not all together disappointing, so I have kept at it over the years. I earned a couple of degrees; I am grateful for my education.

For many years, I earned a salary teaching art and design in university settings. More recently, I am employed in municipal governance, economic development and curatorial projects. It is all the same: make stuff (happen).

Kjellgren Alkire | artist, designer, researcher
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