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I make things to explore relationships in complex systems. I am fascinated by human organiziation and prioritization. My artwork celebrates and interrogates both natural and human-made stuctures. Through these efforts, I become more aware of my own humanity.



I am middle-aged and middle-class. I live in the rural midwest with the love of my life and our two school-age children. Recently, I have spent a good amount of time:
raising my children,
playing with our three dogs,
partnering with Amy,
working to fix old and/or broken things/systems,
working on Oakstreet Projects,
serving the Lake City Economic Development Authority,
enjoying Lake Pepin,
making some art,
and drinking something fancy.

My creative work has benefited from several awards, which are enumerated on my resume. I've made a good deal of art, most of which is not overwhelmingly impressive, but some of it is not all together disappointing. I earned a couple of degrees; I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I believe deeply leveraging my own privilege to open possibilities for other people who have not previously been beneficiaries to the advantages many have enjoyed.

For several years, I earned a salary teaching art and design in university settings. More recently, I am employed in municipal governance, economic development and curatorial projects. It is all the same: make stuff (happen).

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